Fresh Talk: Armory Show 2014

March 14, 2014 / Leave a comment / News

David Zwirner

Fresh Talk with Kavi Gupta and Jason Musson

This Fresh Talk episode features two very different perspectives on New York’s annual Armory Show. The historic art fair that hit 100 years last year has become the catalyst for Armory Arts Week, more than 5 full days of excitement—exhibition openings, talks and tours, public performances, and satellite fairs reaching across the City’s five boroughs. On the day we recorded these two conversations, the contemporary art tribe was gathering at Pier 94. An animated array of international galleries, artists, journalists and collectors created the buzz you hear in the background.

Kavi Gupta, a gallerist with spaces in Berlin and Chicago, introduces the work of McArthur Binion and talks about how he and other gallerists were motivated to establish Volta, an art fair for emerging artists that now takes place yearly in Basel, Switzerland, and NYC.

We caught New York-based artist Jayson Musson as he was making a break for the exit. Known for painting with coogi sweaters and for expressing Art Thoughtz through his alter ego, Hennessy Youngman, Jayson compares the fair to an indoor shopping mall. What’s your take on the art market?

Sound Editor: Kris McConnachie | Images: Amy Sherald

Fresh Talk: Armory Show 2014

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