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Go Deeper with Fresh Art International’s Thematic Research Guides

Want to bring Fresh Art into your classroom or onto your online teaching platform? We’ve made it easy with our Research Guide series. Each issue introduces a theme in our research-based podcast, illustrated transcriptions, reading lists, discussion questions, and activities that give you access to the world of knowledge that informs our conversations about creativity since 2011.

What’s inside:

  • sound-orange icons linked to Fresh Art audio podcast episodes
  • Bios of featured voices
  • Profiles of key concepts, institutions, and places
  • Edited podcast conversations with hypertext references
  • Related reading lists
  • Discussion questions to consider with friends/colleagues/students
  • Activities to deepen engagement with guide themes

Issue 1 / Shifting Points of View: Three International Art Biennials in North America

Conversations with curators, artists, and communities engaged with contemporary art biennials in Santa Fe, New Orleans, and Montreal about trends and themes in these exhibitions. Features: Andrea Bowers, Chas Jamison Banks, Sylvie Fortin, Gianfranco Foschino, Remy Jungerman, Irene Hofmann, Glenda León, Jillian Mayer, Jason Middlebrook, Gary Simmons, Franklin Sirmans, Melanie Smith, Tavares Strachan, Margaret Thomas

Issue 2 / Site Sensitive: Contemporary Art With a Sense of Place

Contemporary artists and curators reveal how context influences content in international projects featuring photography, video, installation, sound, and performance. Features: Janet Biggs, Tania BrugueraLouis Grachos, Sarah Hobbs, Joan Jonas, Jason Moran, Tameka Norris, Adam Schreiber, Stephen Vitiello, Agustina Woodgate 

Issue 3 / Spatial Interventions: Experimental Projects in the Public Sphere

Contemporary artists, curators, architects, and filmmakers talk about projects that transform the individual experience of communities, institutions, and environments around the world. Features: Cesar Cornejo, Joanna Malinowska and C.T. Jasper, Mary MattinglyAgnes Meyer-Brandis, Sarah Oppenheimer, William Pope.L, Helena ReckittJack Sanders, Marinella Senatore, Scott Stulen and Katie Hill, Naama Tsabar and Mindy Abovitz

Issue 4 / Creating Connections: Sparking Engagement

In São Paulo, North Adams, Chicago, and Richmond, the works and exhibitions in Issue 4 invite you to consider how artists and curators pose enduring questions about the meaning of art as a social practice.


Issue 5 / The Art of Capitalism

An economic and political system that favors private ownership, capitalism has sparked some profoundly creative pushback. In abandoned bank buildings, failed urban development projects and public squares, we discover artists and their communities in the U.S., Western Europe, South America, and Greece taking on the challenge—as whistleblowers, catalysts, educators, moneymakers, evangelicals, and documentarians. 


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