Writer/curator Cathy Byrd sparks conversations about today’s art, design, and film on the Fresh Art International podcast. Synthesizing interviews and field recordings with critical commentary since 2011, the podcast archives the voices, sounds, and stories of contemporary culture makers from around the world.

We Tell Stories
The Fresh Art International podcast, also known as as Fresh Art and Fresh Talk, introduces you to the greatest creative energies on our planet—giving voice to untold and underrepresented contemporary art histories. Thoughtful audio experiences designed for individuals, communities and schools, our stories will inform and inspire you. We keep in mind both the expert and the novice in our conversations about creativity. We promote and support public access and awareness of the arts through our free digital archive of more than 300 episodes about today’s art, design, and film.

We Take You With Us
Our stories take you across the United States, and to the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Scandinavia. We introduce you to local and regional art scenes through residencies in Central Asia, Trinidad, the Netherlands, Tampa Bay, Florida, and the Everglades. We share conversations with visual, performance and sound artists, curators, architects, filmmakers, composers, and writers. The sounds and voices we record enable us to amplify the art, issues, and ideas we encounter in well known and remote cultural and natural landscapes.

How We Got Started
Curator Cathy Byrd launched Fresh Art International from a park bench in Brooklyn in October 2011, taking the first step to establish an independent curatorial platform with a world view. She brings to this innovative project the knowledge and experience of an expert—more than three decades of engagement in the field of contemporary art. She designed Fresh Art International to model the fresh thinking and positivity essential to building a culturally diverse, globally aware, creative economy. Her podcast, public talks, workshops and residencies engages cultural communities around the world.

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